Water Balloons

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Short Description

  • Rapid filler, just connect the filler cap to a water source and quickly watch how fast the balloon fill up in bulk!

  • Self tying (self sealing), see them drop into a bucket already tied! Have a buncha Baloons ready to use! Each team can fill their own balloons as the package comes with multiple filler caps!

  • Just the right size ballon for almost everybody! Fun to throw o toss and see them splash! Surprise that special someone that you want to get wet! Cool them down with a Zippy surprise!

  • Biodegradable and recyclable plastic waterballoons! Easy clean, no mess just fun!!! Grab a at a kids party and watch the magic fun happen!!!

  • These self sealing water bombs are colorful and make a great splash! You can't help but laugh as you either participate or just watch kids as well as adults throw and try to catch these gems.

  • 111 total balloons included