Workin' Man Essential Oil Shower Steamer 6-pack

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Our 6-pack essential shower steamers are your ticket to a refreshing and rejuvenating shower experience that awakens the senses and revitalizes your spirit. These compact, fragrant tablets bring the luxury of a spa right into your own bathroom, turning your daily shower into a therapeutic escape. Each bag consists of 6 individual steamers to place on the floor of the shower, when ready to use. Made in the USA with natural essential oils for a burst of sandalwood + patchouli essential - Includes six (6) Aromatherapy Shower Steamers in scent of your choice, 2.1 oz each - Each steamer is sized for 1—2 showers - Made with natural essential oils - Unique fragrance combinations -Great gift idea -Vegan and cruelty-free -Proudly handmade in the USA TAGS: SHOWER, BATH BOMB, BATH FIZZ, BOMBS, BOMB, HANDMADE, MADE IN USA, NATURAL, BATH, BODY, HOLIDAY, CHRISTMAS, STOCKING STUFFERS, CHRISTMAS GIFTS, GIFT, RELAXING, SELFCARE, BODY CARE, NATURAL, MENTAL WELLNESS, REFRESHING, ESSENTIAL OIL