RTS Sports SILICONE bead keychain bracelet, wristlet, laser: Softball

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NEW SILICONE bead keychain bracelets with light wood disc for engraving. Silicone beads are strung together with stretchy cord to fit anyone. Multiple options to choose from.  ***PLEASE NOTE: pattern on the beads may not be completely perfect or line up all around the bead, although these silicone ones are a lot better. The beads will still resemble the ball they are supposed to look like. This is NOT a defect, but a result of production with this type of pattern that cannot be perfectly lined up every time. *Refunds or returns regarding this will not be accepted.    *Sublimation discs in 1.5" and 2" diameters are also available to purchase separately. You can replace the wood disc with the double-sided metal sublimation discs. Available here     Oak engrave settings.