Bluetooth Ear Pods in Grey

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Capable with any Blueooth Device

Comes with a USB Charger

True wireless stereo (TWS) ,individual left and right channel, Hifi sound, can be used both together or separately. 

Talk/Play Time: Headphone playback time 2-3 hours

Headphone talk time 4 hours 

Standby Time - both ears can standby for 6 hours 

Bluetooth Range - 15-25meters

Charging Time is 70 minutes



1. Turn on the charging box swtich (blue or red light is on)

2. Open the top cover of the charging box and take out the earphones. (important note: turn on the charging box switch before opening the charging box, which is the premise of the headset automatically turning on)

3. Pair with other devices. Open the phone or other device bluetooth settings, search for bluetooth name, click to connect. 

4. The headset is placed in the charging box to enter charging mode and the headset is automatically turned off

5. Wireless headphones can be connected separately to other bluetooth devices

6. Wireless headset will automatically shut down if it is not connected to the bluetooth device for 5 minutes. 


Headphone touch function:

1. The charging box can charge the headphones about 4 times before needing recharge

2. When the earphone is charging, the red light is always on, and the full light is off

3. When the charging box is charging the earphone the blue light is on

4. The left ear and the right ear touch the position, touch 1 to answer the call, the left earphone touches 2 times and the volume decreases, the right earphone touches 2 times, the left ear presses 3 next, and the right clicks 3 times. Last song, long press 3 seconds siri function, long press 5 seconds to switch on and off, two headphones simultaneously report when calling. 

5. After turning off the phone, the headset will automatically connect back to the phone. 

6. The whole machine has voice prompts